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The World of Adventure: Famous Skydivers to start following

Skydiving gives you a thrill quite unlike another. It’s a feeling of leaving inhibitions behind. Honestly, while you’re falling from that height, being scared is not even an option!

So if you’re looking to try this thrilling sport, or become an expert at it, here are 5 famous Skydivers you should be following RIGHT NOW!

Luke Aikins

Image: nerverush
Image: nerverush

In July 2016, Luke Aikins set the record for being the first diver to jump without a parachute or wingsuit- and he lived! In this stunt called ‘Heaven Sent’, Luke flipped on to his back, at literally the last second, and landed effortlessly on the safety net.

To keep track of his fun skydiving feats, check out his profile!

Jeb Corliss


He leaped into fame (Excuse, please), after jumping from structures like the Eiffel Tower and Brazil’s Christ Redeemer. In 2013, he did a jump called the ‘dagger’, as part of which, he jumped out of a helicopter and wearing a wingsuit, flew through a tiny crack in Mount Jianglang in China. This passage was only about 15 feet wide. He was even the first person to fly through a waterfall!

Stay updated with this hardcore stuntman

Shital Mahajan – Rane

Famous Skydivers

India #represent

Defining ‘badass’, this woman holds 6 World Records and 17 National Records in Skydiving. She is the youngest woman to jump over both- North and South Poles. She is also the first woman to have done it without trials. She is the first woman to have done her first parachute jump over the North Pole in -37 degree Celcius. She is also the first woman to have gone Skydiving over all seven continents

We could go on about this, but you get the drift.

Felix Baumgartner

Image: citelighter

In 2012, Felix achieved the record of the first person to break the sound barrier, without using vehicular power, during his descent. In his most recent project, Red Bull Stratos, he jumped to earth from the Stratosphere, off a helium balloon!

To keep up with his badassery, see what he has to say.

Jay Stokes


Jay holds the record for most Skydiving Jumps in a 24-hour period. How many do you think he got? 10? 20? 100?

Nah…more like 640!

Yup, the man celebrated his 50th Birthday in 2006 by jumping 640 times in 24 hours! We can’t even imagine how that’s possible, so we’ll leave the math to you.

For now, here’s his LinkedIn bio (Sorry, he’s old school)

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