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CEO Takeover: Manan shares his Skydiving Experience

skydiving experience

Often, we so yearn to do something, but are held back by our fears. We remain tethered to our false sense of security and continue to play it safe.

And this is often the case with trying Adventure Sports. We know that the equipment is in place, that the instructors are qualified, that we are flying or diving or jumping with a reliable company. But end up cooking up silly excuses in the head to justify our not going.

Probably the most terrifying is the skydiving experience- So you’re just supposed to jump out from a moving plane? On this post of #CEOTakeover Manan Vora, Advensure’s CEO and Founder, talks about his Skydiving experience with Skydive Hollister. He was scared too, staring down from that height can give anyone the jitters, but the real fun is in facing and overcoming it.

skydiving experience

I’d gone skydiving a few years back in the United States and the funny thing about that day was that we had to wait at the office for quite a long time before the jump, while anxiously knowing what was coming next. I particularly remember my emotions from the point we got onto the plane till the time I jumped out. Fear and anxiety had taken over my senses, and all I could think about at that point was – why the fuck did I agree to this.

What are we afraid of?

On a larger level, we can assume that most of us as scared of running out of time! Sadly, that is an inevitability. But what about the time between now and then? On a day to day level, what instils one of the most basic human emotions in us? Going to a new place? Failing? Jumping from the sky? Loved ones leaving us?

It is this fear that puts a million kg baggage on our dreams and aspirations. But there is a flip side to this – there is an immense pleasure in overcoming these fears. The excitement of visiting a new place, the exhilaration of overcoming the fear of failing or previous failures and achieving something, the happiness in appreciating the living of your loved ones. In a way, this pleasure and fear go hand in hand, for without fear, there would be no pleasure of conquering it and the actions that seem special would become mundane!

Eventually, I did experience euphoria while jumping and after having reached the planet safely, but looking back, I don’t think I would have gotten that thrill had I not been that scared.

So don’t fear ‘Fear’

Appreciate it, cherish it, be aware of it and respect it, just don’t let it stop you. Remember, that all who have done it before you were human beings just like you!

skydiving experience


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