CEO Takeover: Manan shares his Skydiving Experience

skydiving experience

Often, we so yearn to do something, but are held back by our fears. We remain tethered to our false sense of security and continue to play it safe. And this is often the case with trying Adventure Sports. We know that the equipment is in place, that the instructors are qualified, that we are […]

Inspirational Adventurers: Skydiving enthusiast Sajid Chougle

Let’s talk inspirational adventurers again! Meet Sajid Chougle, a passionate¬†adventurer- Skydiving and Wingsuit Flying are his jam! He was one of the speakers at ‘Advensure Stories’, a meetup of adventurers that we had recently conducted. He’s been an adrenaline junkie for more than a decade now. So we decided to speak with the man himself […]


Routine feels pretty blah without a dash of excitement.Joining an adventure sports start up has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Staring at those pictures all day long has ignited a desire that I never knew I had- after all, I was the only kid who used to hate P.E. period! […]

Glimpse into an Adventurer’s Diary

Have you ever browsed through nature magazines or television shows with picturesque sceneries and wondered what it would be like to¬†witness that beauty in real life? Over the past few years, adventure and travel have become quite popular. It has become a much needed healthier and rewarding vacation experience as opposed to lying poolside in […]