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Inspirational Adventurers: Skydiving enthusiast Sajid Chougle


Let’s talk inspirational adventurers again!

Meet Sajid Chougle, a passionate adventurer- Skydiving and Wingsuit Flying are his jam! He was one of the speakers at ‘Advensure Stories’, a meetup of adventurers that we had recently conducted. He’s been an adrenaline junkie for more than a decade now.

So we decided to speak with the man himself about the story so far!

On How It All Begin

Sajid hopped onto the adventure wagon in 2005, when he was selected to participate in a show by NatGeo called “MISSION UDAAN.” He got through the first few levels. And this was the start of it.

Soon after, he headed to the USA for higher studies. He made sure he kept active there- running and cycling. Interestingly, he also began participating in DRAGON BOAT RACING.

Sajid mingled with adventure enthusiasts and heard about skydiving and that you could get a solo license. This was what sparked his interest

The First Skydive

Sajid’s very first Skydive was close to Santa Barbara in California. It was a Tandem jump from a height of…

…18000 feet(!!!)

They needed supplemental oxygen in the plane to make sure they didn’t pass out! So being in a completely new medium and having no option but to open the parachute and fly felt LIBERATING.

Memorable Experiences

19396695_10159011002530096_2491420633759114028_nSajid says he can’t pinpoint one since he’s had so many over the years.

Off the top of his head, he recalls his mountaineering course in Darjeeling and Sikkim, where he climbed an 18000 feet tall peak. He also remembers ice climbing, his road trip through Costa Rica, and living in tree houses.

Just a month back, he had tried BASE JUMPING in Norway to honour the memory of a friend he had lost.

“On the edge nothing matters, your past, your future, it’s all in limbo. The only thing that matters is the present, the point where mind and body are one!”


North Europe Adventures

2017-06-24 14.59.43-1Sajid visited Scandinavia, Norway, and Sweden from mid-June until mid-July. His purpose was to learn the safe way to BASE jump off of the highest cliffs in the world- 3000+ feet. In Norway, he was part of an adventure festival called the ‘EXTREME SPORTS WEEK’ in Voss. The festival saw participation from athletes and volunteers from all over the world. In Norway, he was part of an adventure festival called the ‘EXTREME SPORTS WEEK’ in a city called Voss. The festival saw participation from athletes and volunteers from all over the world.

In Norway, he was part of an adventure festival called the ‘EXTREME SPORTS WEEK’ in a city called Voss. The festival saw participation from athletes and volunteers from all over the world.

BASE-1-exitWhile in Sweden, he went skydiving with Swedish and other international skydivers in the southern coast.

For Sajid, every single day proved to be a memorable experience. He met a lot of interesting people. He says the people out there turned out to be pretty outgoing. They make the most of the weather during the summer and enjoy a lot of adventure sports- hiking, climbing, skydiving, sailing, campingrafting, kayaking and whatever else fascinates them.

Money Money Money

Things were obviously much easier while he was working full-time and making his moolah in dollars. But he gave this up in order to pursue his passion more actively.

20257969_10159215179445096_4263522169718323081_nSo he works super hard for about 6-8 months in a year, and thankfully, his clients are understanding. And while on adventures, he makes sure he is in super-saver mode. He carries his tent along to avoid hotels and eats only local, inexpensive food.

In Norway, he even tried DUMPSTER DIVING. Because the weather is relatively cool, the food doesn’t turn bad. Apparently, a lot of adventurers do this in order to save money.

Be adventurous with food!


In India, everything is defined in steps and has a set framework- studies, work, family, getting a car, house. While Sajid doesn’t disagree with this system, he isn’t particularly interested in it.

2017-06-15 15.25.20-1

He says he’d rather spend time exploring new places, sports and cultures. This includes not just his biggest passion- aerial adventures- but others as well- rock climbing, mountaineering, and others.

His family doesn’t particularly approve, but he has found his priorities, for the moment at least! His work being in the creative field, those few months of exploring help him recharge his batteries and come back with better ideas.

Also, adventure sport is a huge contributor to physical and mental fitness. This, he feels, is highly required, every time he looks at people around him working endlessly, week after week, and never taking out the time to take care of themselves.


He thinks everyone should give adventure sports a try because it challenges and changes their thinking. It helps you overcome your fears.

“Life is too short. If you just contemplate on the negative aspects of doing something, you’ll never do it and only end up remaining stagnant.”

If you need help with trying out skydiving, Sajid is more than happy to help!

Chat With Sajid 

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