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10 Tips to make sure your first couple travel is not your last

So, you’ve gotten to the point of planning your first adventure as a couple? THAT’S GREAT!

A couple travel vacation can be a great experience- teaching you more about yourself and your partner. And of course, it’s so much more fun than conventional dates-eating out, watching movies, and such stuff.

man-918536_960_720There are a few things that you should keep in mind, however, to make sure this adds to the spark and doesn’t drive either or both of you crazy. EVEN IF you go backpacking frequently, doing this as a couple brings a slightly different set of rules into play-

#1- Pick something you’re both interested in

9001652519_851047366d_bObviously! There are quite a few options and locations out there- Paragliding, Bungee, River rafting, safaris. While going over an option make sure if one of you goes “Oh my God! I can’t wait to try this,” the other at least manages a “Yeah, this looks like fun. We could try it!”

Watch out for frowns and body language that shows disapproval or lack of interest. Also, keep in mind any phobias the other may have and know when it’s okay to ‘push beyond the comfort zone”.

#2- Play taboo


Just like any other concern in relationships, communication is necessary for couple travel as well- even when it comes to awkward topics. Be open about your likes and inhibitions- before, during and after the trip. Non-verbal communication isn’t always easy to understand.

Talk about what you really want to try and what feels like a terrible idea to you. And then, encourage your partner to do the same.

#3- All this talk about money

Maybe you and your partner do not have comparable budgets. Whatever be the reason, it is important that you make plans according to the constraints of the partner with the lower budget.

But if you have a couple of expensive things on the list that you’ve been looking forward to, may be you could pay for it, and let the other pay you back later. But if that’s not possible either, you have two clear options- keep it aside (and don’t grumble), cover it (and don’t grumble- ever)

Here is a list of ways you can save money for your adventures, so you can try all that you want to!

#4- You should reconsider camping


Or on a road trip. Activities like these put you in a completely different space. There might hardly be anyone else around, you’re stuck together in a confined space 24/7, with nowhere to go. For new couples that haven’t spent so much time together, getting this close could be intimidating. So unless you’re ready to pull out all the skeletons out of the closet at once, try to put off such adventures for until later.

For new couples that haven’t spent so much time together, getting this close could be intimidating. So unless you’re ready to pull out all the skeletons out of the closet at once, try to put off such adventures for until later.

But if the idea of camping does seem inviting, read these tips to make it a great experience!

#5-Play to your individual strengths


This is a definite advantage of going on an adventure with another person. Maybe one partner is talented in the organization department and the other has a great sense of orientation. In such a case, the first partner gets to be in charge of the trickier parts of planning, while the other gets to give directions.

The one who bargains better could be in charge of local shopping. And the partner who is a social butterfly could talk to the locals and ask for recommendations to check out. List down your individual strengths and divide responsibilities accordingly.

List down your individual strengths and divide responsibilities accordingly.

#6- 1+1=3

imagesMost of us have experienced this strange, really strange phenomenon while packing. Two people who need one bag each. Yet somehow, there is always that one extra bag that appears magically for ‘miscellaneous items’. This is really avoidable.

Make your own packing list and then be in charge of it- no need to flop around with a spare, because this is how it goes- “Are you sure you can carry it?” “Yeah, it’s no big deal!” End of the day – “Hey? I seem to be doing all the work here!”

#7- Meal Times

crankyPeople imagine they could simply wing it! But it’s needed, especially if you’re a new couple, to take note of meal times and dietary preferences (Vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant?) and plan a schedule accordingly.

Maybe one partner gets cranky and turns into a diva when hungry- Oh they will snap your head off (I talk out of experience). Stock up on snacks like snicker bars- throw one at them when they start getting hungry- from a safe distance. And then, approach with caution!

#8- Picture equilibrium


Pictures make for great memories. But if one of you does all the clicking and the other, all the posing, someone is not going to have any pictures. Make sure you both get plenty of pictures- solo and together. As much as I hate to admit it, those selfie sticks might be of use here.

Also, feel free to ask passersby for quick favours (not the ones who’re in a rush) and in turn, oblige others.

#9- Party- or don’t


Even if you’re on a budget, it’s nice to treat each other occasionally during the trip. However, you might want to watch the alcohol, especially if you both don’t react the same way to it. It’s advisable to err on the side of caution.

If one of you wakes up hung-over, you might end up losing a day- or you’ll end up with one very grumpy travel partner. (YIKES!)

#10- Plan alone time or time with otherS

couple travel

It’s actually great if you have individual interests. Schedule a little time out of doing things as a couple, to do things that interest you independently. OR- you could also spend some time with other people, couples or groups and exchange views. This is awesome, especially in a new place- it could encourage you to tweak your itinerary and get the most out of the trip.

An adventure with your partner could be a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them. Compromise, communicate and have fun. More importantly, try not to get drunk, get carried away and return married- plenty of time for that!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out how Dominique and René have been rocking the couple’s travel space!

If you’re all set to explore the world, we’ve got quite the list of adventures for you to take pick from!

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