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Couple Travel Goals: We Heart Adventure

(Seemingly helpful) DISCLAIMER- The pictures and descriptions out here might make you feel envious. Please remember that they’ve been put here to inspire and not to burn, although a glass of cold water should be kept on standby.

“Work, Work, Work, and day dream about new adventures”

Such is the daily schedule of the people behind We Heart Adventure.


That’s probably how most of us spend our days. The difference is that Resha and Mahesh Chheda are out there living it! Engineers by profession, both of them provide consulting services and spend their spare time traveling.

And travel they do- A LOT!

viti crater
Viti Crater, Iceland

The first expedition

Take heart! It looks like they did spend some time daydreaming about traveling before they actually got started. Their very first expedition was scuba diving in the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel.

Remember the dive scene from Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara? (Excuse me for the pop reference) We’ve all gushed about those underwater sequences. The emotions in that scene remain with me. (Some might say it’s because I haven’t seen quality diving movies; we’ll just agree to disagree.)


So, to Resha and Mahesh, it was a new world, full of magic and adventure- A feeling that got them hooked.

“I still remember the wonder and awe I felt as we dived for the first time. We were surrounded by more fish than I could count, my eyes unaware of where to look next. The experience is indescribable in words; all I knew as we came back on the shore was that I wanted to experience this again and again.”

The strongest memories

Undoubtedly, every adventure deserves a place of its own in your memory box. But there are some that leave a prominent mark. For these two, there are three that stand out-

Diving the incredible Lighthouse Reef (home of the famous Blue Hole), along with sharks, in Belize (It’s okay, you can use Maps to locate this. I had to too)

We heart Adventure

Hiking the pristine and awe-inspiring Himalayan Trek:


And seeing the magnificent and colorful Aurora Borealis:


Off the Grid

Resha and Mahesh’s recommendation for a not-so-well-known but must-visit place is the Paria canyon – ‘Wave’ in Arizona.

Details of it can be found on the internet, but accessing it is quite a challenge. Only 40 people are allowed per day to visit the wave. And you need to go through a very selective lottery process to make the cut.

We heart Adventure

They got lucky and got to spend a day hiking there.

They’ve been kind enough to write a guide for fellow adventurers on winning the lottery to visit the Wave.

The larger picture

Every adventure is a new lesson to take away. The quote on their website is by Helen Keller, and says

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”

These adventure lovers say they live by this motto most of the time. Though once in a while they do find themselves caught in the rat race. But their teamwork helps them motivate each other.

Havasu Falls, Arizona, USA

“Our adventures and travels always remind us that there is so much to experience in this world that one lifetime is not enough! However, since we only have this one life, better not to waste it on other people’s dreams, aspirations or expectations on ‘how we are supposed to live our lives.”

couple travel

They suggest that everybody needs to try adventure sports because it is an experience that makes you really live- feel every breath entering and leaving. Like when you’re about to skydive off an airplane, with your heart in your throat, feeling a little insane. But once you take the leap, life is never the same again!

“What fun are you going to have in life if you don’t risk a little?”

Haa Valley, Bhutan

We really wish we could put out ALL of their pictures out here- it’s super tough to choose from amongst them. But since we can’t, you need to follow their blog RIGHT NOW. (You’ll see what we mean.)

As I write this, they’re probably in the middle of their Everest Base Camp Trek, or in the process of prepping for it!

If you’re looking to be an adventure super-couple like our friends here, you need to read this guide for couple’s travel. Solo adventurers! We’ve got something for you too!

Insider Tip: Another batch of the highly unexplored ‘Mountain of Lakes’ Trek is about to depart soon. Book yourself a seat!

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