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Top 5 Adventure Sports in Bangalore to try during Monsoons

Karnataka is a beautiful state, with a varied terrain, that always excites nature lovers and adventure seekers. It is dotted with lush green forests and picture-perfect mountains. While the region is welcoming at all times of the year, trekking and exploring around during the monsoons is a completely different experience!

If you’re from the state or are planning to visit it, check out some of the best adventure sports in Bangalore and the regions around it-

Anthargange Night Trek

Adventure sports in Bangalore

Located around 65 km away from Bangalore, near Kolar, Anthargange hill rises to an altitude of 1712 m above sea level. The trek is amongst the most highly sought after adventure sports in Bangalore area. It combines the thrill of trekking with the excitement of cave exploration.

The trek lasts for about 3 km and is of easy to moderate grade. You start off by making your way over broken rocks and tricky paths through the boulders, until you reach the cave site. You might even have to crawl at times to make your way through the cave’s formations.

The effort feels totally worth it once you complete the trek. Unwind by the bonfire and watch the night’s magic captivate you. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of some wild animals around. As the dusk fades away, make your way back through the cave, to the base.

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Agumbe Rainforest Expedition


The Agumbe Rainforest, part of the Western Ghats, is a valuable gift to South India. It is located at Guddekere (24 km from Thirthahalli). Agumbe is a biodiversity hot spot, and houses a wide variety of flora and fauna.

It is an opportunity to discover an entire world of new science. The mighty King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah), colloquially known as Kālinga, rules these lush forests. With converging canopies, meandering streams and myriads of life forms, the place is an explorer’s paradise!

While you’re at it, do make sure you follow these tips to preserve the beautiful environment.

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Nishani Motte Trek and Rafting


Nishani Motte, in Coorg, lies in the Brahmagiri range and is one of the lesser known adventure sports in Bangalore region. It is also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, and is an unadulterated treat to the eye.

This 15 km moderate-trek starts from Bhagamandala forest range. It then goes through paddy fields, coffee estates and into a wildlife reserve and finally to the peak. The trail towards the end is very steep, almost vertical, adding to the sense of adventure. The soothing cool climate of Madikeri, glorifies this feeling.

Coorg is famous for coffee production. Post the trek, you can stroll down the aromatic coffee fields and taste the amazing coffee. Experience camping under the stars in the wild.

End the adventure with a thrilling river rafting experience, sure to leave you breathless.

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Microlight Flying

adventure sports in bangalore

Turn your childhood dream into reality, and fly a microlight plane. You will be the co-pilot of the flight and you get to know the nuances of flying the plane.

A microlight is an aircraft that is designed to carry up to two people and has a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 450kgs. These are ideal for use at smaller airfields for recreational purposes.

The activity is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to take a ride in the cockpit of one of these crafts, with a professional pilot, of course. It takes place in Jakkur, found on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Taxi your plane on the runway and if you are up for it, you could even do the landing. Nothing can give you an adrenaline kick like this one!

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Tadiandamol Trek


‘Tadiandamol ‘ means ‘Large Mountain’. This is the highest mountain range in the Coorg district and the 5th highest in Karnataka. It is located about 280 km from Bangalore and rises to an altitude of 1748m. The trail holds the genuine essence of nature.

Tadiandamol trek is a great start for beginners – it is exhilarating, yet achievable. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or an adventure seeker, the trek is sure to mesmerize you with its hypnotic beauty. Follow the trail through the vast territory of the Shola forests, unending rich green woodlands and around the gushing streams.

The pure beauty of the trail always leaves trekkers wanting more.

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That’s not all! If you’ve already completed the list or just want something different, we’ve got an entire collection of adventures sports in Bangalore.

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