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The best campsites to experience camping in Himachal like never before

Camping can help you create treasured, everlasting memories. Bonfires, barbeques and starry skies are fixtures, but almost everything else can be varied. If all your campsites are beginning to look as alike as the characters in India TV serials, maybe it’s time to move onto different experiences. Check out some of best campsites to enjoy a happy weekend of camping in Himachal!

Some of these require you to trek for a bit before you can get there. But hey! It’s all about the journey right? And we promise the treks out here are quite easy, irrespective of your fitness- or motivation– levels!

Da Kkoot, Soil

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Soil, pronounced as ‘So-el’ by the locals, is a quiet village situated in Manali. It is said to be the oldest village in the Kullu valley, set beside a chilly glacial stream renowned for its trout. Da Kkoot, is the only standing house in the entire forest area, which means all that you see for miles around you are hues of green. The property is located close to the stream as well, known for trout fishing.

Spend the night in an orchard by the stream at the edge of snowbound forests. Chill in the quiet and peace of the jungles of the misty Pir Panjal range.

Manali Snow Camping

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Snow camping and winter hiking can be one of the most spellbinding experiences of your life. In a white, sugar-coated landscape, you are transported to an enchanting fairy-tale land. And that’s a story that you’ll never forget.

And this one is a perfect snow experience for beginners and veterans adorned with a breathtaking view of The Mighty Himalayas that will leave you with an absolute and unadulterated awe, with brilliant opportunity for photographers of any level.

Kheerganga, Tosh

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The Kheerganga campsite is one of the most breathtaking in all of India. And the best part, the natural hot water springs at the top! I recently took a trip to Kheerganga, and let’s just say that the smile never left my face 🙂 Read my account of the experience.

But first, you need to get through 15 km of trekking. This is not too tough and the gradient is easy, except for a few parts. But if you’re going during off-seasons, you won’t be encountering too many tourists on the way, so there will be long stretches of blissful solitude!

PS- If you’re quite the opposite and enjoy company, go during any part of the peak season by all means- it never gets too cluttered!

Barot Multi-adventure Camp

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Breath-taking views, pleasant weather throughout the year, green mountains, charming wooden houses, and endless fun. This is what you can expect at this serene site for camping in Himachal. Your stay will be luxurious and combined with a host of adventurous activities like River Crossing, Ziplining, Waterfall Rappelling, Jumaaring, amongst many others- not a single dull moment here!

Hampta Snow Camping

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The trek to Hamta is a surreal and intimidating one due to the amount of snow that accumulates here but you don’t need to go all the way to the top. You can indulge in snow hiking and photography at an altitude of over 3000 m.

Soak in the glorious view of the snow-covered Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges amidst a meadow brimmed with snow. It is an altogether different world during winter and one which is a must-see for all travel and adventure enthusiasts.

Igloo Camping, Hampta

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Igloos in India? Are we craaaazy? Not yet, but we definitely are quite nuts about this campsite. Head to Hampta and experience camping in an actual igloo- Eskimo style. Learn the art of igloo making and coop up in your cozy home for the night. But don’t let the setup fool you, because your bed and hot water bottles will keep you warm and cozy!

All set to go camping in Himachal? Before you go, don’t forget to flip through our guide to having a great camping experience!

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