CEO Takeover: Manan Vora’s Slackline Experience


As part of our #CEOTakeover Week, CEO and Founder, Manan Vora spoke about his recent Slackline experience. There is a line scribbled by Chris McCandless, in one of the books the Supertramp had, weeks before he died – “Happiness only real when shared.” That is what I experienced when I tried Slacklining for the very […]

How Adrenaline can help boost Employee Performance

Helen Keller had once said, “Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing”. Some of us are thrill- seekers. We live to feel the rush – in our jobs and everyday life too. Monotony kills us. While some of us like instead to play it safe, choosing instead to paint a more dependable portrait. […]

Slacklining: A Brief History and Why you should try it

Slacklining is a super deceptive sport. Getting the balance is tough, no doubt. But the physical effort looks like it’s no sweat. In reality, your first few times on the line, you’ll really feel that burn in your abs (And I mean burnnnnn) The sport is often confused with rope-walking. With rope walking, the rope is narrow […]

Reasons to hit the beach: Health benefits of surfing

Surfing is a highly engaging water sport. While out in the water, you’ve got to give it your complete focus and concentration, no matter how experienced you are. There cannot be anything else on your mind. Did you know? The sport was invented by the people of Hawaii. People contesting to become the rulers of […]