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CEO Takeover: Manan Vora’s Slackline Experience


As part of our #CEOTakeover Week, CEO and Founder, Manan Vora spoke about his recent Slackline experience.


There is a line scribbled by Chris McCandless, in one of the books the Supertramp had, weeks before he died –

Happiness only real when shared.

That is what I experienced when I tried Slacklining for the very first time with Slacklife Inc.⠀

I have read quite a bit about Samar Farooqui (Founder of Slacklife Inc) and his theory of balance with Slacklining. But I believe I’m too new at it to get that deep! Instead, what I experienced was picking up a new challenge – walking the line – with someone special. ⠀

The task seems simple enough – balance and walk on a rope. But getting around to actually doing that is so much more difficult than you can imagine. Taking this simple, almost child-like, activity up together with someone, falling, encouraging, falling some more and laughing through the process gave us exactly that – child-like joy. We intended to spend a couple of hours there. Instead, we we ended up spending almost the entire day trying to Slackline – We can now walk (scurry through) the low-line and balance (a little) on the higher line!⠀

Having tried it recently, I can’t speak for the sport or advocate it too much. But I can advocate the emotions I experienced while trying Slacklining! I would like to think that I am a little addicted to the feeling (I’m pretending to get up of the ground and walk on lines between tiles, pretending its a slackline), but only time will tell. ⠀

The fun of trying a new sport and the joy of “kinda-getting-it” would have been great just as is. Yet, the experience became so profound, only because I had someone to share it with! What came incidental to slacklining, is something beautiful – a quintessential moment – happiness!”


We recently wrote about the fascinating History of Slacklining (it’s pretty brief, really) and the benefits that the sport offers. These include:

  • Finding a sense of Balance
  • An intense core workout
  • Improvement in concentration

To read about how getting on the slackline contributes towards these, and a host of other benefits, check out the post- Slacklining: A Brief History and Why you should try it

Even Bollywood and Theater actor, Kalki Koechlin agrees- “Slacklining is really tough. And at the same time, it’s great for you. It’s a really good workout for your abs, I’m feeling them right now! It is a sport that everyone needs to go ahead and try”

Okay, we’re kind of off-topic here, but we recently headed out to Goa to try Flyboarding, and boy, is it crazy! It’s a really interesting sport and we’ve been talking about it all month. But if you still missed it, here’s what the adventure is about, hunt for it in our unique adventures post- Unique adventures you’ve probably never heard of before.

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