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Scuba is a lifestyle company specialising in recreational SCUBA diving, education, and dive trips. At Scuba, they care for the oceans and are passionate about diving. This reflects in their SCUBA practice. Any novice diver, student or certified diver diving with them will be looked after with care and attention. They want you to feel at home (above and beneath the surface), comfortable, safe and have fun in the process. They will give you the best experience, turn you into the best diver and give you memories that last forever. Above all, they will ensure that by the end of your dive, you too will share the "Diver's" passion! They love SCUBA and want you to become part of the diving family.

Instructor Info

  • Remco

    Aqaulung Technician, Scuba Pro Technician, Certified Bauer Technician, PADI Instructor and Dutch Passport holder with OCI status, Remco is in charge of all operations of Scuba in Andaman Islands. He guarantees that the dive equipment is in perfect condition, you dive with “PURE AIR” and get the perfect diving experience.

    After traveling by road from Holland through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan he landed up in India and now lives with his daughter Malhar and wife Shruti on beautiful Havelock.

  • Prashant

    Prashant has been introducing more people to the wondrous world of diving than all the rest of the members at Scubalov put together.

    Having previously dived in Goa, Netrani, and Port Blair, Prashant now calls Havelock home and has been a part of the Scubalov family since early this year. Prashant turned PADI Instructor in July 2015.

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