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We simplify. We question. We hate paradigms - they are meant to be broken. We don't break the rules. We change the game. We live to DO. We love to DO the new. We respect the Doer’s in you. We are quite content to be the odd adventure-travel company out. We are an adventure sports company dedicated to the spirit of adventure. We provide trusted, experienced travel advice that has been gathered without any favour. We encourage you to do what we do all the time. Based in the lap of The Greater Himalayan Range in Haripur, Manali; Mountaineerz is a team of enthusiasts and professionals. From exploring major attractions to hidden gems off the beaten path, we DO beyond the obvious to help plan an itinerary that works for you, whatever your time and budget. We understand ours is a job with an enormous amount of responsibility and we strive to be the harbingers of a new era of responsible and ethical eco- adventure sports tourism. All are activities are conducted under the supervision of certified and seasoned professionals. Our culture is built on a strong foundation of integrity and transparency. We believe in “principle over profit. We believe secrecy is trumped by honesty. We believe that Indian Tourism is well cared for than owned, more resources to be tended to, rather than mere commodities to be soldAt Mountaineerz we love the life we live because we live the life we love.

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