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Nirvana Adventures came into being in 1997 to fulfill your dreams of free flight by offering a safe standardized and encouraging atmosphere to anyone interested in taking up the sport of paragliding as a hobby. It all began with the discovery of ideal paragliding sites in 1996. With time, energy and dedication, Nirvana Adventures became a pioneering paragliding school that in turn led to the transformation of Kamshet into a world paragliding destination. When Nirvana Adventures first began, there was a lot to achieve. The area was remote and paragliding was unheard of in the region. There was a dire need to concentrate and focus on creating the basic infrastructure to meet the immediate needs. Nirvana Adventures actively involved the local village community at all stages – from making tea and drinking water available, supervised parking, providing ISD telephone service and initiating the use of the local jeeps as transport. It was a Herculean task indeed! Every year Nirvana Adventures commemorates the decade-long journey undertaken together with the local community, their students and visitors.

Instructor Info

  • Ravi Shelar

    Senior Instructor, Mentor and Tandem Pilot 

    A native of Karanjgaon, the location of our favorite Shelar site, Ravi has watched us fly since the first day we stumbled upon this site in 97’. He joined Nirvana Adventures in ‘03  at the tender age of 18 as a part of our CSR commitment to involve and impact upon the lives of the local people. Years of rigorous training in the field and in the skies, the guidance of senior instructors and pilots, and his own keen observation of the sport since his tender years, all contributed to him evolving into a competent senior paragliding instructor with an ability to instill calm and focus in his students as well as to becoming a skilled, competent tandem pilot.

    His metamorphosis from a quiet shy little village boy to an experienced level-headed, gentle yet firm Senior instructor with Nirvana Adventures has not gone unnoticed. In the villages around Kamshet and especially  Karanjgaon this young man’s his success story has inspired the youth who want to emulate him and loving refer to him as ‘tatya’ - a term of respect in the local language.

    Ravi has trained over a thousand students from various parts of the world and from varied professions including over a hundred cadets and officers from the Indian Air force. For Ravi, the dream is ever alive and evident in his committed to making your flying dreams come true.

    He has over 1000 hours of solo and tandem flying; he has flown in various sites around the country, he enjoys acro as well as XC flying.

  • Sandip Bhalshinge

    Sandip started with packing gliders at the Shelar site and officially joined the team in 2006/07 making his dreams to be paragliding pilots and follow in Ravi Shelar’s footsteps a reality. 

    Years of hands-on work in the field, intensive training under experienced instructors and flying experience at various sites in the country have unearthed his potential. 

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