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Bay of Life is Chennai's first school to be accredited by the Surfing Federation of India- The National governing Body for Surfing In India. Their team consists of three wilderness first responders certified by the National Outdoor Leadership School, USA. They follow the highest standard of safety with ISA certified instructor, so you know you are learning from the best.

Instructor Info

  • Kumaran M

    An avid stand up paddler and geologist, Kumaran is a Limca book record holder for paddle boarding in the open waters of the Bay of Bengal and covering a distance of 7 kms.

  • Ajit

    Ajit is one of Bay ofLife's oldest team member. He is a warm and gentle instructor with all the excitement of surfing contained behind this friendly smile.

  • Deepti Chavan

    Almost a fish in the water, she surfs like nobody's business. Free energy provider for the whole team at Bay of Life. Things will never get boring around Deepti!

  • Subash TS

    What is a CFA aspirant doing in a surf school? "Who said we are just a surf school" says Subash, we are here for bigger things, we are here for good, and the ocean is for everyone isn't it!

  • Mahesh

    A recent member to the Bay of Life team, but very familiar with the ocean. Mahesh is good with kids and a cheerful team member.

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