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Aquasail offers 360-degree sailing opportunities in Mumbai, Goa and even around the world. Aquasail is the vision of Shakeel Kudrolli, one of India’s finest yachtsman.  It is India’s premier boating company that offers global experiences in sailing in India. Aquasail offers an array of the most delightful experiences on a range of world-class boats-fun and learning programs for individuals and families and powerful corporate programs for brand building and employee motivation. From high-quality boats to the best safety gear, Aquasail follows only best in class

Instructor Info

  • Shakeel Kudrolli

    Achieving Excellence

    • India’s First Gold on International Waters: 1989: Asian Championship in China, 2 Silvers at WorldChampionships
    • Coached the Junior Squad that won Cadet World Championships

    Inspiring Youth


    • Honorary Officer at Sea Cadet Corps for over 20 years
    • Executive Officer at Sea Cadets Corps for 10 years
    • Now a Trustee at the Sea Cadet Corps


    Spearheading Industry initiatives: Founded Indian Marine Federation

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