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About Vendor

Aqua Terra has been running trips and tours for the discerning traveller throughout the Indian Himalayas since 1995, yet the experience of their travel personnel dates well beyond that, to years of leading trips throughout the Indian Himalayan belt. Aqua Terra believes that an adventure travel outfit is only as good as its guides. Good equipment, food and guides is what makes an outdoor trip an experience to savour.

Instructor Info

  • Dhruv Naresh Rana

    Dhruv is a senior raft guide and safety kayaker since 1995. He has represented India in competitions in China and India. Rana as he is called, oversees Expedition operations and ensures trips return happy and hungry for more.

  • Jetandra Singh

    Jetandra has been guiding since 2004 and has hands-on experience running camps, treks and our whitewater trips.

    Whether it is his role as safety kayaker or raft guide, or leading a climb up the 20000 foot high Stok Kangri, he is a jewel in the outdoor industry in India. Jetandra is responsible for running Aqua Terra's river camps, Camp Aquaterra and Camp Bagi, and is most likely the face you will see when you head up for a weekend.

  • Sanjay Rana

    An ace kayaker and raft guide, Sanjay has been guiding since 2008 and has paddled all major rivers in the Himalayas.

    It's hard to find someone so young carrying maturity years ahead of their age and Sanjay is one such outdoors guide. Sanjay has been part of several big saves in the Himalaya, and has delivered, each and every time.

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