In our previous post we spoke about the fun, yet highly productive method of working on teamwork and employee enagagement- outbound training. We’ve got several options to choose from, near Bengaluru too. Here are our top picks! Resort Outing Sometimes, all your team needs is a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. A peaceful setting, with […]

Take a hike: Trekking and Employee Engagement

Employees today require a whole different palette of incentives than what they preferred about a decade ago. For most of them, monetary aspects are only equally, if not less important than non-monetary perks. The largest factor that surfaces is employee engagement- how connected do they feel to their work and their manager? How is the […]

Corporate Outings near Mumbai: Fun Team-Building

Research shows that employee engagement has a direct link to their productivity, and thus the company’s progress. Teamwork and open communication are the most important factors for boosting employee engagement. But how can organizations achieve this, while making sure their teams absorb and retain the insights? Most employees claim they can relate much better to […]

Why North India is the best summer destination

The summer season is upon us, with the¬†temperature rising by the day everyone’s searching for a holiday destination where they can cool down and relax. Beat the sweltering heat this season by breaking a sweat with a trip to north India. The adventurer’s paradise, North India has a little something for everyone. Join us as […]