6 Unique Adventure Activities you’ve probably never heard of before

Think you’ve tried every adventure sport out there? Think again! There are quite a few unique adventure sports that have become popular in India only in the last year.  It’s time to add them to your Bucket List and check them off so you can go and brag about it to your friends! Here are […]

The breathtaking Chadar Trek: In Pictures

In the local language, ‘chadar’ means ‘blanket’- indicating the blanket of ice that covers the river. The Chadar trek is performed on the frozen Zanskar River in Jan & Feb. The frozen river has been serving as a trade route between Leh & Zanskar for centuries – a perfect example of the resourcefulness of Ladakhis. This […]

Kheerganga Trek: A trail where time stops still

The Kheerganga trek draws quite a large population of tourists every year. The locals believe that Lord Shiva meditated here for over 3000 years. The place gets its name from the ‘milky‘ appearing water of the rivers flowing through it, resembling ‘kheer‘, an Indian milk-based sweet. While the hot springs, at the top alone are worth […]

Tips for planning an Outbound Training Program

Outbound training has been quick to grow in popularity as a tool for training and team building. If you’re not sure about this, read why you should definitely try it. Although a departure from conventional methods, it definitely helps to put employees in the right frame of mind to observe and learn. If you’re planning […]