How Adrenaline can help boost Employee Performance

Helen Keller had once said, “Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing”. Some of us are thrill- seekers. We live to feel the rush – in our jobs and everyday life too. Monotony kills us. While some of us like instead to play it safe, choosing instead to paint a more dependable portrait. […]

Team building activities to improve your team’s performance

Team building! That dreaded term, which usually translates to “We are going to deliver long presentations over the weekend. And then you’ll have to come back on Monday looking motivated.” Everyone magically begins calling in sick, someone’s got a marriage in the family, and the ones that do show up, look like they’d rather fall […]

The perfect getaway for your team: Resorts near Mumbai

If you’ve been feeling frenzied trying to plan a relaxing, yet enriching retreat for your team, we’re here to help. Taking your team-building sessions out of the office space is an excellent idea- it puts your employees’ mind at ease and makes them more open to new experiences and learnings. There are a number of […]

Scuba Diving and Employee Performance: Gift your team a Dive Trip

It’s been a hard year. You’re looking to show your team how much you appreciate their work. And also give them the opportunity to improve their teamwork and strategy. You’ve considered several options, but hit a plateau? Maybe it’s time to delve ‘deeper’. Yes, we’re suggesting you gift them a Scuba Diving Trip. You’d be […]