CEO Takeover: Learning surfing and bonding with the Ocean

learning surfing

Manan Vora, Advensure’s CEO Takes over for one last blog post this week as part of #CEOTakeover. This time, he talks about his surfing trip, that he took in August 2017 with friends from 1heart1soul1planet. (We’d written about their awesome adventures a while back- Free Birds: Dominique and Rene) So if you’re looking forward to learning […]

History of Surfing: A look at Hawaiian Culture

Surfing is a sport that needs no introduction. We’ve all seen it in movies, at beaches around us, and if we’re lucky, tried it too. But like any other sport, it makes you wonder. How did someone ever think of taking a wooden board into the ocean and riding the waves? Let’s take a look […]

Reasons to hit the beach: Health benefits of surfing

Surfing is a highly engaging water sport. While out in the water, you’ve got to give it your complete focus and concentration, no matter how experienced you are. There cannot be anything else on your mind. Did you know? The sport was invented by the people of Hawaii. People contesting to become the rulers of […]

Adventure History: Do you know how these sports originated?

Adventure Sports has gained popularity only in the past decade as recreation and competition. But some sports have been around for quite some time, before they were modified into their modern versions. And I’m talking about long long back, even before the invention of phones (Gasp! ) Read along for an interesting account of Adventure […]