CEO Takeover: Manan shares his Scuba Diving Experience

scuba diving experience

“There are no ordinary moments”                                                                                   – Dan Millman (Author of ‘The Peaceful Warrior’) As […]

CEO Takeover: Manan shares his Skydiving Experience

skydiving experience

Often, we so yearn to do something, but are held back by our fears. We remain tethered to our false sense of security and continue to play it safe. And this is often the case with trying Adventure Sports. We know that the equipment is in place, that the instructors are qualified, that we are […]

Couple Travel Goals: We Heart Adventure

(Seemingly helpful) DISCLAIMER- The pictures and descriptions out here might make you feel envious. Please remember that they’ve been put here to inspire and not to burn, although a glass of cold water should be kept on standby. “Work, Work, Work, and day dream about new adventures” Such is the daily schedule of the people […]

Inspiring Adventurers: Ashok Karkera – A Life on the Road

Inspirational Adventurers

What are your reasons for not taking that trip you’ve been looking forward to the entire year? Waiting to turn 40 and retire early? Your schedule’s always too tight? You’re looking for a celebratory occasion? Waiting for the right companions? Maybe next month? Next year? Meet Ashok Karkera, who needs to be given a pretty […]