Unique Rewards and Recognition Programs for your team

rewards and recognition

Employee Motivation is no longer tied to just monetary¬†rewards. So when it comes to creating Rewards and Recognition programs, managers must carefully choose the incentives they bring in. As a manager, you need to show your employees that you fully care about their progress. Here are some unique ideas to boost your team’s morale: Team […]

What is Employee Engagement- Creating an engaged team

what is employee engagement

When you walk into your workplace each day, do you look forward to working with your team? Sharing all the new ideas you’ve got in your head since the previous day? And giving the best you can? This is what is employee engagement. Although it’s a term mostly used by HR personnel, managers and team […]

Simple and fun Team Building Activities in Office

All teams can benefit from team building activities, no matter their size and experience. Team building activities usually work on four main aspects- communication, problem solving/ decision making, adaptability and trust. These activities are organized both inside the office, in the form of group games and sessions, and outside, through corporate retreats and adventures. Here […]

What is Team Building and How to achieve it

Every manager or team leader knows the importance of having a smooth functioning team. But today’s work environment continues to grow complex. These pose challenges to keep employees motivated and in sync. The solution? TEAM BUILDING What is team building? Imagine a deadline for your team coming up. An important project needs to be tuned […]