What is Team Building and How to achieve it

Every manager or team leader knows the importance of having a smooth functioning team. But today’s work environment continues to grow complex. These pose challenges to keep employees motivated and in sync. The solution? TEAM BUILDING What is team building? Imagine a deadline for your team coming up. An important project needs to be tuned […]

Team building activities to improve your team’s performance

Team building! That dreaded term, which usually translates to “We are going to deliver long presentations over the weekend. And then you’ll have to come back on Monday looking motivated.” Everyone magically begins calling in sick, someone’s got a marriage in the family, and the ones that do show up, look like they’d rather fall […]

Scuba Diving and Employee Performance: Gift your team a Dive Trip

It’s been a hard year. You’re looking to show your team how much you appreciate their work. And also give them the opportunity to improve their teamwork and strategy. You’ve considered several options, but hit a plateau? Maybe it’s time to delve ‘deeper’. Yes, we’re suggesting you gift them a Scuba Diving Trip. You’d be […]

The perfect weekend getaway for your team: Resorts in Bangalore

resorts in banglore

If the past few months have been a grind for your team, they’re probably not looking for another challenging weekend. So in case you’re planning a training session for them, it will be helpful to conduct them outside the office environment. A change of ambience can do wonders for your employees’ learning. Keeping your learning […]