Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activity SEO – Part 2/4

Keywords for Activities

We checked out the terminologies of SEO in our previous post (in case you missed it, you can check it out here) In this part, we check out how to master keywords for activities and some of the common questions people have about keywords. This will also help us to understand these aspects of SEO […]

Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activity SEO – Part 1/4

Ultimate Guide to Tours and Activity SEO

Have you ever sat by the water, watching the fishermen work on a net to make it perfect to catch some fish? The repetitive process of removing the nets, repairing worn-out strands of nylon, clearing all lines, is almost meditative.  Well, SEO is something akin to fishing! Imagine the Internet is a whole big ocean, […]


In our previous post we spoke about the fun, yet highly productive method of working on teamwork and employee enagagement- outbound training. We’ve got several options to choose from, near Bengaluru too. Here are our top picks! RESORT OUTING Sometimes, all your team needs is a weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. A peaceful setting, with […]