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Safety in Adventure Sports

Safety in Adventure Sports

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Imagine if the very thing that adds life to our lives also threatens to take it away from us. Ironic, isn’t it? Adventure is an activity that we all seek to try at least once in our lives. Despite low statistics however, how would it feel to be a statistic of a tragic death or serious maiming caused by an adventure activity? As rare and unlikely as it may be in the modern scenario, it is always a possibility. Now we wouldn’t want our mind to be diverted by something as trivial as a hypothetical tragedy while we’re canyoning downstream or rappelling down a rock-surface. For this reason, because it’s essential to the adventure and adventure sports experience, assurance of safety is of paramount importance.

At Advensure, we’re advocates of conscientious living, by facilitating easy access to adventure and adventure sports. What we also advocate, and rather strongly at that, is the importance of safety, safe adventure practices, safety procedures, adherence to rules and regulations, all to ensure a safe and sure adventure. This is a topic as close to us as your cell phone would be to you, so you’ll find we keep coming back to touch upon this rather important subject time and again.

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It’s one thing to preach, but it’s another to practice. The rise of adventure sports in the country doesn’t come with its downsides. A new industry always comes with a dark side. Sure, no one intends harm as they take you on an adventure, but who’s to say necessary precautions have been taken? Who decides what’s safe? For this reason, we decided to talk about how you can take wise and safe decisions to ensure your safety before you pack your bags for what might be a one-way trip!

The easiest first step making that safe decision is the obvious one; ask those who have done it before. Unless you’re extremely disconnected from human beings, we’re pretty sure you have that one colleague or friend who’s gone on many adventure outings in the past. Seek their guidance, take contacts from them and heed their counsel with regards to what’s considered safe (and what’s not) in the world of adventure sport.

Seek out professional help! Considering how the industry is booming, there’s no real shortage of guides and professional adventure enthusiasts who’d be willing to tag along with you and provide you with that added professional touch. Adventure companies and facilitators are just a mouseclick away. We’d be more than happy to point you to the right people who’d deliver the adventure experience with appropriate safety measures in place.

Safety in Adventure Sports


A little background research always helps too. Before you set your mind on a particular destination or activity, read up about what’s considered safe at that location and as part of that sport. The best practice would be to look up regulations abroad and check if similar regulations are in place where you seek to go. It never hurts to be sure. Understand weather and climate trends in the locality of your adventure sport destination too. You don’t want to be at the end of what was presumed to be a safe hike, but turns out to be riskier than ever due to a sudden landslide or poor visibility conditions that make you think twice before taking each step.

Finally, in this age of modern technology and premium internet access and speed, it’d be funny if you looked up places to go but not background info of the sport you’re going to opt for. After taking counsel from people you know, you could always add a layer of anonymous assurance in the form of reviews you can easily find online. People are always posting and talking about their experiences, so it doesn’t harm to ask around online, does it? Moreover, if you were preparing for a physics or chemistry exam, wouldn’t you check if your interpretation of the subject matter is right? Look up videos which talk about how certain sports work, do’s and do not’s, special equipment you may need and things to do in the rare event that crisis does strike as you’re out on your adventure.

We don’t want to be killjoys (let’s face it, no one does), but even if death is an anomaly, a drop in the ocean, even a small injury or a tiny bad experience may put a damper to your adventure experience. What’s better than being sure? Your safety is paramount, after all, there’s no adventure like an adven’sure’ (pun intended)! Travel safe folks!

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