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Canyoning: Adventuring & Exploring!

Canyoning India

“ING” is the trend these days, with “travelling” being the biggest of these ING trends. Everyone wants to be a traveller these days, be it camping in the wilderness or catching the train instead of the regular cool-cab commute to work (although we do give more credit to the former)


We all have those few friends we stalk with feverish jealousy on social media to discover their adventure getaways. Amidst this form of adventure and exploration, a new trend is on the rise; one which promises to become the Netflix equivalent of the adventuring world. The trend is Canyoning and we can safely assume it will swamp adventuring aficionados in a short span of time.

The word canyoning is an arranged marriage of “canyon” and “hiking”, one that works surprisingly like a love marriage! It encompasses a wide variety of “ING” activities; walking, hiking, rappelling, cliff jumping, rock climbing and swimming. Technically, it involves “hiking down” or descending down a canyon, taking in breathtaking views in the form natural narrow gorges, spectacularly scattered waterfalls and lush greenery. If you’re expecting serious adventure and a test of your mettle, you should probably avoid it like you would avoid your regular traffic-congested route during rush hour. Canyoneering enthusiasts try the sport out more for the aesthetic value and the thrill of being one with nature as opposed to testing their skill to the maximum. While there is skill involved, the pleasure derived is the focal point here.

Canyoning India

Canyoning in India

Canyoning is on the upswing as a popular adventure sport, with multiple establishments cropping up like Starbucks outlets. These ventures offer relevant services like organized canyoning camps and training for the sport.

One popular canyoning location that’s hitting the mark is Goa (no surprises there). Gather your closest friends and coax them into a trip to Palolem Beach, widely regarded as the most popular spot for the sport. If the easy experience doesn’t excite you, there are plenty of harder locations to test the daredevil in you too. The next big spot you could try are the Western Ghats. 1600km of potential canyoning distance? Where do I sign up? Finally, if you and your band of friends want the ultimate challenge, we recommend a trip to the north. The Himalayan region is by far the most naturally developed locale for the sport. Nearly double the length of the Ghats and twice as enticing.

Now you probably shouldn’t spend too long making a decision to try this epic sport out, because the best season to go for it is already upon us! The months of July to September pose the best season to go Canyoning and go crazy with your pals, for what’s better than being soaked in the rain amidst the thrill of dropping down waterfall and natural rock outcrops!

In a nutshell, if you like the concept of love marriages, you should definitely try this adventure sport! Marry your love for nature and experience thrill while you demonstrate your skill descending down a picturesque canyon. Best experienced with like-minded people for the ultimate casual-adventure sports experience.

Happy Canyoning!Canyoning India



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