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Show me places that haven’t been found
I have a penchant for the wild
A dreamer, turning into a discoverer
I think of myself as nature’s child.

Tackle days one at a time
Never thinking too far ahead or behind
Daydreaming about adventure is convenient
Why waste thoughts on the boring grind?

It sounds like a cliche, what I believe-
Getting the most out of life
Convincing others that my mind is sane-
Oh! I have long given up that strife.

A small fortune means nothing at all
It’s the world I want to see
Just a little, rationed bit cannot satisfy
Lovemaking needs it all- bone, lust, and knee

Jump off of cliffs, glide to the bottom
And dive into the mysterious ocean
Ski to the base of a gigantic mountain
Then trek back for another run.

I pine to see the blue, in all its glory
Multiple shades of red and green
To taste Cuban coffee and Congo’s chocolate
And even Mexican refried beans.

The rush blends with colours, cultures and cults
You would quite enjoy it too, I bet!
Choose to cross miles – go where your spirit takes you today,
Just don’t go back home with any regret.

Adventurer's Vessel


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