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Rappelling in Karjat, Maharashtra
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Live Dates
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Instant Booking
Rappelling in Karjat, Rappelling in Maharashtra
1380 /person
Rappelling in Karjat, Rappelling in Maharashtra
1 Days

Rappelling in Karjat, Rappelling in Maharashtra
Rappelling in Karjat, Maharashtra
Somit Doshi
Rappelling in Karjat, Rappelling in Maharashtra
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About Activity

Abseiling, from the German word “abseilen” meaning "to rope down," is the process of sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. Known as rappelling in the United States, abseiling has long been used in canyoning, rock climbing, caving, and mountaineering to descend slopes or cliffs that are too steep to simply hike down. In recent years, however, abseiling has become a popular sport in its own right.

Abseiling is utilised in numerous sports for a variety of reasons. Rock climbers generally use it to return to the base of a climb or to reach a new route. Canyoneers usually use abseiling techniques to travel down cliffs or waterfalls when simple hiking or jumping is impossible. Cavers use this method to reach underground pitches. Recreational abseilers, however, just enjoy the descent and return to the top of the cliff to abseil down the slope again.

Our abseiling trips are fun and crazy. It’s usually a group of vertically-inclined individuals who can spend a whole day doing what they love. We locate remote areas and after much consideration on aspects such as safety and grading, we announce and run abseiling trips. It's usually a thrilling experience for first-timers. The view from the top are breath-taking and the feeling of hanging vertically from a high wind-swept mountain is liberating.


06:15 hrs - Assembly in the morning at a central location in the city

06:30 hrs - Depart for the hills

08:30 hrs - Arrive at the base of a local village

09:00 hrs - Start heading into the hills or rocky crags. Depending on the group size, we engage in abseiling for a few hours

14:00 hrs - Return back to the base village for some lunch.

15:30 hrs - Begin the road trip to return

19:30 hrs - Arrive back in the city

Price Info


  • Technical equipment
  • Personal safety gear
  • Services of technical guiding team
  • Single day adventure program


  • Travel
  • Refreshments
  • Anything not mentioned under inclusions

GST at 18%

Things to Remember

  • Each individual participant must have filled a separate and complete enrolment before being allowed to participate on our trip, which can be found on this link.      
  • Please wear clothing that is suitable for outdoor activities.
  • We recommend you wear climbing shoes that have superior grip on wet surfaces. A shoe that has a drainage system and quick drying ability. Even better if they have tuggers and no laces. Good trail running shoes work well. Heavy boots take too much time to dry and get heavier when drenched. Don’t forget to pack extra footwear like floaters. You would want to slip into dry footwear while heading back
  • Please carry your belongings in a sturdy backpack, and avoid sling bags.
  • Cameras, hand phones and watches on a canyoning trip are only good if you have sealed them in secured plastic or water proof bags.

Things to Carry

  • Comfortable loose pants that can stretch
  • Sports t-shirt, preferably crew necks
  • Peak cap
  • Footwear
  • Drinking water
  • Hydration powder, like tang sachets or other
  • Light packed lunch
  • Energy bars
  • Personal identification with blood group
  • Change of clothes  
  • Towel
  • Re-useable plastic bags

Rappelling in Karjat, Maharashtra
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Rappelling in Karjat, Maharashtra
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Rappelling in Karjat, Maharashtra
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