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Skydiving is the action sport of exiting an aircraft and returning to Earth with the aid of gravity. It is also known as Parachuting & it became an international sport in 1952. It is performed as a recreational activity and a competitive sport, as well as for the deployment of military airborne forces and occasionally forest firefighters.


Starting Location: Kota
  • Day 1 : Jump Day
    • Arrive at the airport by designated time
    • Complete all formalities 
    • Attend training and theoretical lecture
    • Move to the jump site and get ready for the experience.
Tickets available
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Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation 7 days before the event, 50% amount will be refunded.
  • No Refund for No Show.
  • The cost includes a 2% convenience fee which is non-refundable and non-transferable, only the dates may be changed

  • Extras - NTC - Admin
    Before Jump Training Merchandise All type of permissions Insurance Certification 2% non-refundable convenience fee
  • Photos/Videos
  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Stay
  • Travel from your location to destination
Things to Remember
  • Prepare to spend several hours at the drop zone — sometimes up to half a day, depending on the weather and the staffing situation at that site.  Feel free to take snacks and bottled drinks (no alcohol), in case vending machines are not available.
  • Leave all valuables locked inside your car or with a friend on the ground.  There may be lockers for your things, but probably not.  There will be a place to leave your car keys.
  •  If you wear glasses or contacts, talk to the staff at the jump site to make sure their goggles will protect your eyewear.
  •  In case you are more sensitive to motion sickness take a non-drowsy Dramamine to help you out .
  •  You will watch a video about tandem skydiving that describes the process you will soon participate in.  

Things to Carry
  • Shoes that tie or fasten securely such as Sneakers
  • Collarless shirt
  • Shorts or Pants
Skydiving in kota airport

The Advensure Promise

  • No Booking Fee
  • Certified Operators
  • Guaranteed best pricing for groups

The Advensure Promise

  • No Booking Fee
  • Certified Operators
  • Guaranteed best pricing for groups
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