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The Mishimi hills are home to some of the most incredible trails in India which a traveller can embark on. Century-old hunting treks along lusty green valleys and steep mountains are a great way to explore and experience the natural beauty and wonders of far eastern Himalayas.

As the name suggests, the seven lakes trek will take you to one of Himalaya’s best kept secrets – seven breathtakingly beautiful high altitude lakes hidden in unnamed hills of the frontier state of India.

Starting from open valleys in lush green carpet of tall grasses and ferns, this trek will take us  to an elevation of almost 4000 meters into the glaciers that feeds these lakes and rivers below all throughout the year.

If you visit in spring/summer, you will find whole valleys covered in wildflowers. The trek is ideal for intermediate to expert trekkers as on almost all trekking days we will be climbing steep uphill or downhill.

You will be accompanied by experienced guides and former hunters with in-depth knowledge to share the history of the area while showing you plant life, wildlife and more.

Starting Location: Manali
  • Day 1 : Arrive at Dibrugarh
    Arrive Delhi and transfer to domestic airport. Arrive Dibrugarh late afternoon by air. Transfer to hotel. Check in and expedition briefing at tea time.
    Evening local Assamese "sit down" dinner, is an absolute delight. Wind up for an early start the next day. Overnight Dibrugarh hotel.
  • Day 2 : Dibrugarh - Roing
    This morning, we take a pleasant ride through picturesque tea garden estates of upper Assam. The ride also includes an hour-long ferry ride from Dhola to Sadia.
    Once in Roing, you will be taken to your campsite in an orchid farm overlooking a nesting area of birds.
    There will be enough time for you to do your last-minute purchases from the town. You will also meet the crew and support staff.
  • Day 3 : Roing to Anini
    • Today will be a long day on the car to reach the last town near the starting point of our trek. We will travel more than 300 kilometers on a mountain road, cross Mayodia Pass – the highest pass in the Debang Valley districts (2655 meters) and will reach Anini only late in the evening. 
    • This is where we’ll drop our extra luggage before we start off on our trek early next morning. A hearty meal and a few hours of rest before the trek is necessary.
  • Day 4 : Anini to Imungu to Jungle Camp 01
    • The start of our trek is from a small village called Imungu – which is about 25 kilometres from Anini. There on, we leave our transfer vehicles and start walking up the initial ridge of the hill with a breathtaking view of the lush green hills. 
    • The degree of elevation is moderate so you can ease your way in before the steep climbs of later days.
    • However, be weary of insects as they can be quite a nuisance. Full sleeve cloths are advisable. Most of the day will be over while we cross the lush fern fields and set up camp for the night right at the start of the forest at an elevation of around 2500 meters.
  • Day 5 : Jungle Camp 01 to Jungle Camp 02
    • Today we will start our journey through the dense forest of Mishimi hills. We will resume our ascend from 2500 meters through the very thick groove at the start of our trek. 
    • After gaining about 500 meters, the forest thins out to more manageable ferns plants. At 3200 meters the thick forests starts again but with an entirely different kind of vegetation. 
    • There is a stark difference in the plants and flowers as we gain or lose altitude. Numerous species of plants and small animals and birds are on display for those who know where to look. 
    • Tonight’s camp will be set up at around 3400 meters in a very small patch of relatively plain land closer to a water source.
  • Day 6 : Jungle Camp 02 to Lake Kamo Uyea
    • Today we will make the final ascent to our destination – the lake locally known as Kamo Uyea which is at around 3750 meters. 
    • From our overnight camp in the Alpine forests, we will continue along the ridge of the mountain till we reach the glaciers and continue till our camping site for the next couple of days. 
    • The highest point of today’s trek is around 3850 meters and we camp at a spot with a view of the late at around 3730 meters.
  • Day 7 : Camp Lake Kamo Uyea
    • Today we take a break from rigorous walking and take in the serene beauty on display. There will be a short trek, not far off from our camping site to the other lakes. You can use the rest of the day to take photographs or rest or just chill out. 
    • From here on, we will start our descent back to civilisation.
  • Day 8 : Camp Lake Kamo Uyea to Inguli

    • Today is a long day of going downhill to reach an outpost near a small village called Inguli. We will start early from our camp at 3730 meters and continue up to reach the top of the mountain at 3927 meters and then start our long descent to our outpost at 1550 meters near Inguli. 
    • We will follow the old hunting trails of Idu Mishmi tribes through cliffs and pine ridges as well as a tricky river crossing. We’ll spend the night at a traditional Idu Mishimi house.
  • Day 9 : Inguli Outpost to Mele to Anini
    • The last day of our trek will be a short one. Much of the downhill was covered yesterday and today we just have some bamboo roves to cross along with a couple of rivers.
    • This should not take more than 2-3 hours. Once we reach the ITBP outpost at a village called Mele, our transfer vehicles will be waiting for us there to take us back to Anini.
  • Day 10 : Anini to Roing
    • Today is going to be another long day on the road as you travel back 320 kilometers to Roing from Anini. Overnight at a hotel in Roing.
  • Day 11 : Roing to Dibrugarh
    You will be transferred back to Dibrugarh from Roing to catch your flight home.
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Cancellation Policy

If it becomes necessary to cancel your tour, you must notify Aquaterra Adventures India Pvt. Ltd. immediately in writing. Once we receive your notice, cancellation will take effect. Please note that the following charges will apply on cancellation:

  • If cancellation takes place more than 45 days prior to departure, your full deposit will be returned except a processing charge of Rs. 5000 (60 days for Brahmaputra trip)
  • If cancellation takes place between 45 and 30 days prior to departure, 50% of the tour price will be forfeited (between 60 and 30 days for Brahmaputra trip); 
  • If cancellation takes place less than 30 days prior to departure, 100% of the tour price will be forfeited.

Some trips attract a minimum processing charge – please check.
The tour price is quoted as a package. No partial refunds or credit will be given for services not used. We recommend that you obtain travel insurance upon booking.

  • Transport
    From Dibrugarh to Dibrugarh
  • Meal
    All meals during the trek
  • Stay - Tents
    Camping during the trek
  • Stay - Double Room
    Stay in Dibrugarh/ Roini
  • Extras - Aqua Terra Admin Costs
    Trekking guide fee, All group climbing gear, peak fee, sanctuary fee /royalty /permits where applicable
  • Meal
    Any meals in Delhi will be self-sponsored
  • Stay -
    Accommodation in Delhi
  • Photos/Videos
  • Travel from your location to destination
Things to Remember
  • Depending on the snow conditions we sometimes need plastic boots for the climb which can be hired easily in Leh.
  • Try consciously packing lighter.
  • A good base layer which could be a thermal top (polypropylene), with a T-shirt on top will keep you warm and dry. Mid layers provide insulation so anything that is warm will do e.g. a medium thickness woollen jumper or a mid-weight fleece top, along with another lightweight fleece top will suffice.  The outer layer is the final layer between you and the elements and must be capable of keeping out the wind, rain and snow. Any good waterproof, windproof jacket would do the job. Legwear in the form of thermal long johns is invaluable.
  • A good quality 4 season sleeping bag rated for at least -10 deg C would ensure a good night’s sleep after a long day outdoors. 
  • It’s best to carry your belongings in a large, tough duffel bag or a big rucksack. Pack similar things such as clothes, washing things, camping equipment etc. in separate stuff sacks or polythene bags so they are easier to pull out and add to the waterproofing in your bag.

Things to Carry
  • Woollens/thermal underwear
  • Wind/rain proof jacket
  • Good sandals - something which will last the trip. If you have a good pair of sandals, that will suffice. Or, spare sneakers/flip flops will be handy for camp.
  • Socks
  • Flash Light - important. Don't forget spare batteries.
  • Sun Shade/Hat
  • Sunscreen/Sun block with SPF 70 and above
  • Vaseline/Lip Salve
  • Insect Repellent (only in September)
  • Personal Toiletries - towels/soap etc.
  • Long trousers / long shirts / Tshirts etc.
  • Good pair of shorts, quick dry for raft
  • Swimsuit for ladies - a bikini top and bottom is great for wearing under a quick drying T-shirt
  • Alcohol /cigarettes - not available on trip
  • Sunglasses with eyeglass retainers
Trekking in dibrugarh airport
Different Dates? More/Less people? Any other tweaks? Let us know - Customize this trip
Customize - Arunachal Seven Lakes Trek

The Advensure Promise

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The Advensure Promise

  • No Booking Fee
  • Certified Operators
  • Guaranteed best pricing for groups
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